Important Information for Eyre Peninsula Farmers and Agribusiness Owners Who Want To Know How To…

Grow Your Wealth
and Protect Your
Farm and Family Fortune

Request an Accounting Strategy Session (with a 25+ year veteran Accountant who part-owns a local farm) and get actionable ideas to save thousands in tax, increase profits, control cash flow, and secure your family’s intergenerational wealth

Looking for Better Solutions To These Common Business Challenges?

  • Need Accounting That Looks Forward, Instead Of Into The Past?

    Most accountants look backwards into past financial data. This won’t help you control cash flow, save tax, or increase profits. Our future-thinking strategies help you make more money and secure your family’s intergenerational wealth.

  • Worried About Death Or Divorce?

    Are you unsure what will happen to your farm if one of your family members die or divorce (and want more certainty around your family fortune)?

  • Too Busy To Build The Lifestyle You Really Want?

    Like many farmers, do you spend too long ‘in the fields’ during the day, and ‘in the books’ at night (and wish you could find more time to develop the farm you really want)?

  • Underwhelmed By Your Financial Returns?

    Do you enjoy farming but feel frustrated you’re not making the returns you deserve on your time, talents, and financial risk (and secretly wonder how long you can keep going at this pace)?

Many Eyre Peninsula business owners have similar challenges. So, we’ve developed a Free Accounting Strategy Session to answer your questions and help you find a better way to grow your wealth and protect your business. Click the button below to get started.

How Eyre Accounting Services Helps You Grow Your Wealth And Protect Your Farm

Over the past 25+ years, Naomi Durdin and the team at Eyre Accounting has helped hundreds of business owners:

  • Save thousands in tax every year
  • Smooth cash flow and reduce debt
  • Boost revenue and profits
  • Develop and protect their family’s intergenerational wealth

We specialise in financial management for businesses (including intergenerational bloodline wealth planning strategies to protect your business in the case of death or divorce).

Our unique holistic service includes 3 financial disciplines — accounting, superannuation, and financial planning — to ensure you get the best outcome for your business and your family. We’ve been honoured to help many local business owners build their wealth and have the life they’ve always wanted.

How Well Do Our Strategies Work?

We’ve been honoured to help many local entrepreneurs build their business, wealth, and have the life they’ve always wanted. Here are some of their stories…

Shepperd Building Company

We have been associated with Naomi Durdin since the commencement of our business. We are impressed with Naomi’s accounting knowledge and experience. She is always professional and understanding and has successfully helped us work through any business challenges as they arise.

Naomi is friendly, approachable and treats her clients with respect making you feel confident and at ease with the advice you receive. We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Eyre Accounting to any other business.

Tammy Shepperd
Port Lincoln
Shepperd Building Company

Coffin Bay formerly Yeelanna

We thoroughly recommend Eyre Accounting Services to any business that is looking for a progressive, energetic team that is happy to listen to your wants and needs and guide you in the right direction.

We are very happy with the way Naomi has made our transition from the farm into retirement as rewarding as possible.

John & Gina Kenny
Coffin Bay formerly Yeelanna
Author Image

About Your Accounting, Superannuation and Financial Advisor – Naomi Durdin

Naomi is a CPA Accountant, Business and Financial Advisor, and SMSF Specialist (a rare and powerful combination of formal qualifications). But her knowledge isn’t merely academic. She owns three local businesses (including a farm) and has spent the past 25 years helping business owners save tax, smooth cash flow, increase profits and build the business, wealth, and lifestyle they really want.

Her proactive, holistic approach, and friendly, positive nature, make her a trusted advisor, helping hundreds of Eyre Peninsula entrepreneurs build their business, wealth, and have a lifestyle they really want.

Your Options: An Eye-Opening Comparison

It’s not easy choosing an accountant to partner with. Our services are designed to help business owners look into the future so you make more money and protect your wealth. Here are more reasons to choose us:

With Eyre
Accounting Services

Without Eyre
Accounting Services
Tax And Interest
You’ll save thousands in tax (sometimes hundreds of thousands) and redirect those into cashflow or investments You pay thousands more than you need to (sometimes tens or hundreds of thousands)
Future Cashflow
Your cashflow projections are taken care of by a practitioner who understands business life directly from experience You spend hours (of your own time) planning and executing cashflow strategies
Debt Reduction
You access strategies that help you reduce debt, meaning you grow your wealth faster You pay down debt just like the bank or financier described
Accounting Depth
You access specialised business accounting strategies like tax rate averaging, unique ownership structures, SMSF strategies and Intergenerational Bloodline Wealth Planning. You rely on the flexibility of your accountant’s general skills. You do some of the strategies but are unsure how to use them to your best advantage.
Intergenerational Bloodline Wealth Planning Strategies
Our powerful and proven Intergenerational Bloodline Wealth Planning Strategies ensure that your assets and livelihood are protected from death or divorce. You are not up to date with the latest strategies which have been developed by people who have specialised knowledge in this field and your assets are left exposed.

Interested In Knowing More

About How You Can Grow Your Wealth
And Protect Your Farm and Family Fortune?

The quickest and easiest way to find out more is to request an Accounting Strategy Session with our principal, Naomi Durdin, during which…

  • You’ll get a crystal-clear view of your current farm position (and fresh ideas to develop your revenue and profits)
  • You’ll gain greater clarity over what you want your farm to look like (and what you can do now to establish intergeneration bloodline wealth)
  • You’ll identify barriers that may prevent you from reaching your agribusiness goals (and ideas to overcome these without working longer or harder)
  • You’ll explore ways Eyre Accounting can help you control cash flow, save tax, increase profits, and secure your family’s intergenerational wealth.

Get Our Best Agribusiness Advice To Grow Your Wealth
And Protect Your Farm and Family Fortune

Your Accounting Strategy Session will give you our best advice, with zero obligation to engage us further.

Naturally, we hope that by sharing our knowledge and expertise in this way, you’ll get so much valuable advice that you’ll consider choosing or recommending Eyre Accounting in the future. In any case, you have nothing to lose.

What Happens Next?

Your Accounting Strategy Session is usually held over the phone, via Zoom or in our office.

To request your Accounting Strategy Session, click the button below or call our office on 08 8682 4173.

A member of our team will contact you to ask a few questions, get some feedback from you and then book in a time for our session.